It’s quiet here isn’t it.

Well I’ve been off the fasting and blogging for a few weeks due to illness, educational and work commitments. I’ve put on a bit of weight and need to get back to the fast. However, I do feel very cold when fasting and may need to rethink my tactics (more cups of tea!). I’ll start again next week with a single day fast just to get back in the grove.

Tonsillitis at my age?

The diet has taken a semi pounding. Last Wednesday I woke up feeling like I had the ‘flu and so I didn’t fast (however I ate little as I was asleep for most of the day). Thursday and Friday I was feeling worse and worse and in the end I went to the doctors, who put me on antibiotics for suspected tonsillitis.

I’m watching my kids carefully as I was very ill on Friday and convinced I had one of the many fevers that can be so debilitating (you know, glandular or rheumatoid or one of those types). I hope the kids avoid it but at the first sign they are off to the docs!

Although I haven’t been dieting as such I have missed quite a few meals due to illness and the antibiotic routine (take on an empty stomach) plus the fact swallowing hurts. I had a glass of orange juice last night and it was like drinking battery acid! I weighed myself this morning and I’m down to 22 stone or 140kgs. That’s 1.5 stone in about 5 weeks. I’m starting to feel a bit of room in my clothes now, which is really encouraging.

End of the first month

So this is the last fast day of my trial period and I must say that I’m pleased with the way things are going. I’ve just weighed myself and find I’ve lost 14 pounds (1 stone) or just over 6 kgs in four weeks. That puts me well on track to losing the 52 lbs that is my target.

Some pros and cons of the fasting system – cons first: When fasting I think about food a lot. I tend to feel cold in the afternoons. On the days I can ‘eat what I want’ I snack too much (this is how I got fat in the first place).

Pros: The fasting is not as hard as I thought it would be. I feel very energized on my fast days. I’m feeling mentally positive because I’m succeeding in my slimming program.

Where next? Things are going to start picking up in work. From now until Christmas I’m going to be very busy. I think I’ll stick with the 3 fast days per week system until the end of October and reassess how the weight loss is going from there.


So ccccold!

It’s been a few days since I last posted mainly because of work commitments eating up my time. I weighed in on Monday and found I gained a few kilos! I think it is because I have to keep putting the scales away once I’ve weighed myself that is throwing them out of stable weighing. On Monday it appears I have lost 5kgs, which I think is about right, maybe a little high. I’m going to see if there are any decent scales in the local shopping complex – there often is one that you have to pay to use in the big malls.

I’ve been getting very cold hands on my fast days. I’ve now stopped drinking the meal replacement stuff (got bored of it) and get my 500 to 600 calories from normal food – I had poached eggs, bacon, toast and beans last night. I think I may be better having my calories around mid day just to provide some fuel to keep my hands warm. I’ve been making a cup of tea just to hold otherwise 🙂

There is an alteration in psycology occuring with this diet plan. On fast days I tend to fantasize about different food that I will eat the following day, usually very fattening foods. Then when the fast is over and I can eat what I want I tend to have something I don’t normally have for breakfast (it used to be cereal or porridge) like a blueberry muffin or hot buttered toast and that satisfies the fantasy until the next day. I’m not ‘eating for 2’ on my off days.


Poorly bear.

I’ve been a bit of a poorly bear this week with an upset tummy. I’ve persevered with the plan though and also tried changing it up a bit as I’m tired of the protein drinks. On Friday I had a small amount of home made pasta and tomato sauce with loads of vegetables and a tiny taste of tuna. I reckon it was below my normal calorie intake for a fast day. I found this quite hard as I normally would have had more nibbles and munchies

I should really have started the change up by cooking easily distingushable foods calorie wise. For instance had I cooked 2 x rashers of bacon, I x slice of white toast, 2 x poached egg and half a tin of baked beans I could have worked out the exact (well, close enough 😉 ) calorie content of that. It’s 550 approximately.  However the pasta dish was all mixed together in a big bowl and served up for the family and me. I did weigh out my portion as I think that is part of my problem, eating too much, and I wanted to see how much by weight a ‘portion’ of the pasta was (see if you can guess – was it more or less than I thought?).

Anyway – I continue to lose weight. My clothes are feeling loose and I went swimming today with the wife and kids and didn’t feel overly body concious. I’m still massively overweight and not dissimilar to ‘Fat Basterd’ from Austin Powers but the fact I’m trying to rectify this is a great morale and psychology boost! I’m interested to see my progress according to the Monday weigh in I do.




Feeling good!

We had a very nice weekend. We went to Tyntesfield estate and had a nice picnic in the sun and a good look around the gardens. The kids loved it and ran about like mad things! It was nice being able to eat what I liked and having that option meant that I was somewhat sensible in what I ate.

I fasted yesterday, which I found a struggle to be honest. However I think it is typical of dieting in that if you follow an eating plan that allows you to eat anything except melon then you instantly crave melon, even though you may not have eaten melon for months!

I weighed myself this morning and I’m down to 144kgs or 22.75 stone. That is very good for a first week of dieting. I expected 3 or 4kgs but not 6kgs. I’m very pleased.


Do you ever get…

Do you ever get that feeling that your view of the world is wrong. I had that yesterday. I’m now paying a bit more attention to the calorie content of foods and stuff that I thought was ‘okay’ – you know, 50 or 60 calories each so you can scoff half a dozen of them? – turn out to be more like 100 calories each so that half dozen represents about a third of my ‘recommended’ daily calorie intake. I wonder if I’ve just lied to myself. This seems more likely than a plot to keep me fat orchestrated by a mysterious outside agency. I’ll blame McDonalds anyway despite the fact I hardly every eat there.

I reined in my urges on yesterdays eating day after finding out my favorite biscuits where twice as calorific as I thought (if I ever did think). I’m starting to adjust to the idea that I need to alter the way I go about things regarding food and pay attention to what I eat. I have bad habits that I’m starting to recognize and address. Whooo, go me!

I couldn’t resist weighing myself just now. I’ve agreed with myself to weigh in on a Monday but my poor impulse control got the better of me. I don’t believe what I’m seeing as I’ve only fasted for 2 days (today is my 3rd fast) but I appear to have lost around 4 kgs or half a stone of weight. Anyway, I’m going to try not to get too obsessive with it and keep my eye on the prize of losing 52 lbs by my next summer holiday.

This weekend promises to be good weather wise so I think a visit to a local park and picnic spot with the children will be in order.


p.s. I keep getting an ‘invalid request’ warning when I try to post. I’ll leave the title off to see if that helps.

Why does she put up with me.

I mentioned the RDA (recommended daily allowance) of protein thing to Tracey last night. As ever she thought it through and pointed out that it depends very much where you are in the world as to what the figures are. A good example is portions of fruit and vegetables. In the UK ‘5 a day’ has been the cry for a number of years but as you look around Europe the RDA for fruit and veg varies from 2 to 10, depending on what country you are in.

I’m feeling a little guilty also as I started this diet quite suddenly and it has had a minor disruption on home life. I normally cook whilst Tracey puts the kids to bed but with the 2 fasts I haven’t wanted to cook so I’ve taken over the children. I don’t know why she puts up with me!

Anyway I had a good day yesterday. The fast felt a lot easier and I didn’t really want my evening shake but I forced it down. I need some calories just for basic body functions and I didn’t want to wake in the middle of the night due to hunger. I have also looked at having a proper meal rather than the shakes and was shocked and appalled by the calorie content of some of the food I/we eat. Some quick cook pasta stuff I consumed by the packet is over 900 calories!!! And I used to put butter and cheese on top of it!!! No wonder I’m morbidly obese. I also cut down slightly on the amount of water I drank. I drank around 3 liters on Monday and around 2 liters yesterday. I felt a little waterlogged on Monday and was up 3 times in the night. Yesterday was better with only 1 nightly visit to the toilet.

I’m going to do a 3 on 4 off regimen for this diet. I’ll fast Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and ‘eat what I want’ the rest of the time. I want to be able to enjoy family picnics and parties, which are on weekends normally, without breaking the fast. I’ll see how it goes. I’ve heard that a 2 day fast followed by 5 days of eating can also work and I may try this as we approach Christmas. I just think it will be easier to find a window of opportunity as we have quite a large family.

I had a nice blueberry muffin and a cup of coffee in the garden this morning at around 06.45. It looks like Autumn may be a better month than August. I hope to camp in the garden with the kids this weekend – I’ve been promising for weeks but the ground has been too wet. What can you do?


Life is sometimes like that

I saw an article yesterday saying ‘too much protein is bad for you’. Had a look at my meal replacement supplement and I just squeak under the ‘bad for you’ category (110 grams or more per day for men). You just can’t win can you! Still, the MR supplement isn’t essential – it is just a way of getting 500 – 600 calories on my fast days. I’ll have a look around and see what else I can consume/eat.

Talking of MR supplements I’m using CNPProfessional PROMR supplement. I went for strawberry flavour as I like strawberry flavour! It is quite a good flavour without too much artificial-ness about it. I was supplied with a free shaker and a minute of shaking, as per packet instructions, yields a nice, creamy and mostly smooth shake that is easy to drink. There is some ‘grit’ at the bottom of the shake but I guess this is non-water soluble minerals.

Today is a fast day, yesterday was an ‘eat all you want’ day. I must get out of the habit of night time snacking, or at least have something healthy to snack on. I managed to keep it together yesterday and didn’t pig out. I think a good idea may be to treat yourself to something ‘naughty’ on the off days. It could be sensible naughty like strawberries and cream (there he goes with strawberries again!) or maybe a chocolate bar or bag of crisps. Something you may not normally have but isn’t too unhealthy. Eating a chocolate gateaux for 6 people on your own is madness but inviting friends and family around to share some gateaux is the way to go. Let them eat cake!

I’m getting used to black tea as well. What works for me is leaving the bag in for about half as long as I would if I were adding milk. I’ve also got this ‘fresh’ tea that all the companies are pushing at the moment. It seems to be a lighter blend anyway. I’m also getting into green tea but that’s another story 😉