Humble beginnings.

I’m going to try losing 52 lbs in a year following the alternate day diet system. This is where you fast on alternate days, consuming no more than 500 calories. On the ‘off’ day, non fasting day, you can eat what you like (but should aim for sensible foods – five steak and kidney pies aren’t going to help!).

I’m going to find out some more information about fasting and get used to tea without milk, as this is part of the ‘water fast’ system I will use. I’m waiting for some meal replacement suppliments to arrive – basically protien powders that you make into a ‘shake.

That’s it for now. I plan to have my first fast this week – I’m quite nervous but I need to shift some weight. I’m in the morbidly obese catagory and I’m liable to collapse under my own gravity if I don’t do something!



2 thoughts on “Humble beginnings.

    1. alternatedaydiet Post author

      It’s an acquired taste. My wife has tea with honey and lemon which is okay but not my preference. I’ve found some ‘green’ tea bags which are pre-lemoned that are quite nice.


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