Do you ever get…

Do you ever get that feeling that your view of the world is wrong. I had that yesterday. I’m now paying a bit more attention to the calorie content of foods and stuff that I thought was ‘okay’ – you know, 50 or 60 calories each so you can scoff half a dozen of them? – turn out to be more like 100 calories each so that half dozen represents about a third of my ‘recommended’ daily calorie intake. I wonder if I’ve just lied to myself. This seems more likely than a plot to keep me fat orchestrated by a mysterious outside agency. I’ll blame McDonalds anyway despite the fact I hardly every eat there.

I reined in my urges on yesterdays eating day after finding out my favorite biscuits where twice as calorific as I thought (if I ever did think). I’m starting to adjust to the idea that I need to alter the way I go about things regarding food and pay attention to what I eat. I have bad habits that I’m starting to recognize and address. Whooo, go me!

I couldn’t resist weighing myself just now. I’ve agreed with myself to weigh in on a Monday but my poor impulse control got the better of me. I don’t believe what I’m seeing as I’ve only fasted for 2 days (today is my 3rd fast) but I appear to have lost around 4 kgs or half a stone of weight. Anyway, I’m going to try not to get too obsessive with it and keep my eye on the prize of losing 52 lbs by my next summer holiday.

This weekend promises to be good weather wise so I think a visit to a local park and picnic spot with the children will be in order.


p.s. I keep getting an ‘invalid request’ warning when I try to post. I’ll leave the title off to see if that helps.


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