So ccccold!

It’s been a few days since I last posted mainly because of work commitments eating up my time. I weighed in on Monday and found I gained a few kilos! I think it is because I have to keep putting the scales away once I’ve weighed myself that is throwing them out of stable weighing. On Monday it appears I have lost 5kgs, which I think is about right, maybe a little high. I’m going to see if there are any decent scales in the local shopping complex – there often is one that you have to pay to use in the big malls.

I’ve been getting very cold hands on my fast days. I’ve now stopped drinking the meal replacement stuff (got bored of it) and get my 500 to 600 calories from normal food – I had poached eggs, bacon, toast and beans last night. I think I may be better having my calories around mid day just to provide some fuel to keep my hands warm. I’ve been making a cup of tea just to hold otherwise 🙂

There is an alteration in psycology occuring with this diet plan. On fast days I tend to fantasize about different food that I will eat the following day, usually very fattening foods. Then when the fast is over and I can eat what I want I tend to have something I don’t normally have for breakfast (it used to be cereal or porridge) like a blueberry muffin or hot buttered toast and that satisfies the fantasy until the next day. I’m not ‘eating for 2’ on my off days.



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