Tonsillitis at my age?

The diet has taken a semi pounding. Last Wednesday I woke up feeling like I had the ‘flu and so I didn’t fast (however I ate little as I was asleep for most of the day). Thursday and Friday I was feeling worse and worse and in the end I went to the doctors, who put me on antibiotics for suspected tonsillitis.

I’m watching my kids carefully as I was very ill on Friday and convinced I had one of the many fevers that can be so debilitating (you know, glandular or rheumatoid or one of those types). I hope the kids avoid it but at the first sign they are off to the docs!

Although I haven’t been dieting as such I have missed quite a few meals due to illness and the antibiotic routine (take on an empty stomach) plus the fact swallowing hurts. I had a glass of orange juice last night and it was like drinking battery acid! I weighed myself this morning and I’m down to 22 stone or 140kgs. That’s 1.5 stone in about 5 weeks. I’m starting to feel a bit of room in my clothes now, which is really encouraging.


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