Poorly bear.

I’ve been a bit of a poorly bear this week with an upset tummy. I’ve persevered with the plan though and also tried changing it up a bit as I’m tired of the protein drinks. On Friday I had a small amount of home made pasta and tomato sauce with loads of vegetables and a tiny taste of tuna. I reckon it was below my normal calorie intake for a fast day. I found this quite hard as I normally would have had more nibbles and munchies

I should really have started the change up by cooking easily distingushable foods calorie wise. For instance had I cooked 2 x rashers of bacon, I x slice of white toast, 2 x poached egg and half a tin of baked beans I could have worked out the exact (well, close enough 😉 ) calorie content of that. It’s 550 approximately.  However the pasta dish was all mixed together in a big bowl and served up for the family and me. I did weigh out my portion as I think that is part of my problem, eating too much, and I wanted to see how much by weight a ‘portion’ of the pasta was (see if you can guess – was it more or less than I thought?).

Anyway – I continue to lose weight. My clothes are feeling loose and I went swimming today with the wife and kids and didn’t feel overly body concious. I’m still massively overweight and not dissimilar to ‘Fat Basterd’ from Austin Powers but the fact I’m trying to rectify this is a great morale and psychology boost! I’m interested to see my progress according to the Monday weigh in I do.





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